Which airbrush do you use?

Which Airbrush Do You Use?

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Was interesting to see what others are using. I am not doing good art yet but working on it every day and just keep learning better control and techniques. I have bigger hands and have had 6 surgery's on them so bigger heaver brushes feel better for me.

I guess I have spent to much for my skill level - so here is my collection.

Creos ps-270
Creos ps-289
Creos ps-290
Badger sotar 20/20 Fine needle
Badger sotar 20/20 V Med needle (don't like or use it much)
Badger Patriot 105
Passche Talon
Masters 33 (I don't use it anymore)
Harbor Fright (I don't use it anymore)
Badger 105 Patriot (currently out of commission due to needing some servicing work)

Badger 105 Patriot Arrow that has been modified with a extended needle that tapers to about 2

Creos Mr. Hobby/Airbrush PS771 Custom 1.8
I have the Paasche Talon that I started with over a decade ago. Of course it collected dust for how long. Got a Badger Sotar 2020 last week that I'm really enjoying right now.
Iwata HP-C Plus, and a cheap PointZero .5mm for primers. It sure would be nice if a .5mm would fit the Iwata.
The best bang for the buck isn’t on the list.

GSI Creos Procon Boy PS-289
GSI Creos Procon Boy PS-290
I"ve added the Oreos to the voting list so go add your votes..... I don't think it was available in 2012 when the list started :)

For 30 years my one and only airbrush has been a Central Pneumatics 1500, sold by Harbor Freight Tools. I mail ordered it in 1993. It was made in Korea and is basically a knockoff of the Badger 150. Very similar design. Surprisingly reliable for 30 years and counting. Of course, I take good care of it and religiously take it apart and clean after each and every use.
I typically use it without the back handle.


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Mostly 50/50 H&S and my good old Paasche (from the 90's). Seeing the list of options makes me realize I never had a chance to hold good old brushes like Olympos and Efbe.
i am looking to get my first brush. and i think this solves it the amount of people backing the iwata eclipse hp-cs !