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Hi Everyone I am not sure which airbrush to buy. I 'am thinking the Iwata BCS or the Krome????? I want do AB on Canvas, License plates, T shirts, Satilite dishes and what ever I can get my hands on lolo. Of couse I want to do everything I am a newbie lolo. Any help would be great.:tongue-new:
I have a Krome, and I LOVE IT!! I AB on canvas, helmets, vehicles, mailboxes, toilet seats, you name it, I will AB on it!!
Depends on your preferences. If you are doing a large range of surfaces, the siphon feed may be a better option.
The Krome will probably be slightly better for fine detail, but the Iwata will be better for higher volumes of paint and quicker color changes, which is more favorable for T-Shirts.
Both brushes are great, but for totally different purposes, and both have limitations. Krome is for detail whereas the BCS is for larger less detailed work. The krime will be harder to get used to as a newbie but when you do figure it out its a machine.

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This is probably the most asked ? on the forums If you take a look in them You will find a gold mine of info That being said there is only one answer The eclipse hp-cs Later on the Bcs will be a great addition The eclipse cs is the easiest to clean and imo the most versatile brush out there.. coast has class factory rebuilt brushes that are probably better than new for I think 99 bucks
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I know you travel a lot around the US , If you are around the Chicago area you could just stop into Chicago Airbrush and see what feel right for you.
Most of us will give you what we like to work with , But will it work for you. Not always some find gravity feed get in there way while painting and prefer a side feed or bottom feed.
You can also look for a local Micheal's craft shop or Hobby lobby and go in there and check out some of the different airbrush types there are. If you have access to internet and a printer both place offer a 40% off coupon to save you some money.
Coast Airbrush is a great place and Dave and his staff are top notch . So if you are in there area just pop in and they will even let you try out the airbrush. They also offer airbrush that were used in classes for a discounted price. Coast Airbrush Products
Ok I sent all my junk airbrush kit back to TCP and asked for store credit and they said yes so I ordered a Iwata BCS and they shipped it in two days and now I will buy a really good aircompressor in a few days. I am thinking the California 1650A I need as quiet as I can get for the price lolo.