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Double Actioner
just went to the tax man and im going to get a reasonable return, so I asked the misses real nicely if I could get a new toy, I mainly use auto acrylics on bikes, but im going to use wicked and auto air on some helmets as well, soooo I want to get one of the better ones, I have a hp, a neo and a krome all of them I am quite happy with, which out of the micron, infinity, sotar or olmpos micron, they all seem to have similar good qualities, I guess im after something for the finer stuff , with a really smooth trigger, I have read a lot of reviews but none seem to jump out and say, "pick me John Tyler pick me", so can anyone who has used one or all of them give me a kick in the right direction please
All of us have our own preferences, i wouldn't put the sotar in that list to be honest, i think that belongs with the krome , eclipse kind of area. .... personally though i would go for the micron cmc plus. .... slightly larger nozzle but still seriously fine detail. .... smooth as silk
I just got the cm-c. It has the .23 nozzle, which I wanted as I thought it would be a bit less fiddly paint wise, and be a bit more versatile as I want to use it on a variety of surfaces. I absolutely love it. Fine detail is a breeze, and I absolutely love the action of it, and that is without changing the trigger spring to a softer one, which I bought but haven't bothered to swap out, as it's so good as is. But, like any brush,it is one of those personal preference things.
I just bought Infinity cr plus, its really really nice piece m8, its beautifull and has infinite potential :)
My personal thoughts:

Sotar/Krome: nice brushes, not my personal favorites, but parts can be difficult to come by sometimes.

Infinity: Very versatile and smooth. Some people have trigger delay issues, but my personal experience is that if the brush is assembled properly with a good deal on the head assembly, the trigger delay is very small.

CMC: very nice, I personally don't like the paint cup on it, but performance wise it's top notch. The downside is the up front price and parts are expensive also.

Olympos MP-200C:
Performance wise, it's right there with the Iwata microns. Spares need to be ordered from Japan and the needle is a longer taper than the Iwata .23, so it's more susceptible to bend of it hits the substrate.
I have the CMC+ with the .18 set up and the .23 which comes standard as a back up. (I was greedy )
I also have the Infinity .15 small cup set up vs the 2 in 1 . While I love the feel of the infinity The lag in trigger control took me a while to get use to.
While the CMC+ with the .18 set up was smooth and paint started flowing the second you pull slightly back on the trigger.
I have always said it would be great if there were at least a few places where you could go test drive an airbrush before you buy one.
lol doesn't sound like a problem to me, thanks everyone for the advice, I think im leaning towards the cm-c plus other brushes ppl seem to have little issues with, where as I have only heard praise for the cm-c plus (except for price) now I just have to wait for my tax cheque
Sadly, that is pretty much true. Hahaha!
Have I admitted to my problem yet?
Yes and that's the first step in recovery Jeff so your doing great:D:D But I hear theres a brush you dont have yet? O sorry it's still being built somewhere
And by the way Jeff, you forgot to mention the Mojo 3. I am just saying.
thanks , i think the shipping would be a killer to oz though, airbrush megastore in adelaide has the cm-c plus for $532 $ AUS which is about the same price , + $25 shipping, which seems like a fair price i think
Don't forget the gst - but he's still the cheapest that I've found
yea close enough to AU $600 with gst and shipping. the misses cringed, but I held my ground and she caved lol
just ordered my 1st cmc+ should be here in a couple of days, got my tank back,(was getting made larger) just fixing some pinholes , then bog and paint, have been planning what to paint on it for a few days, similar to what I had on before with a bit more background and detail, ill let you know how I go , might even take pics of the process and post them up