Which colors you gotta mix to have candy red? (Auto-air colors) :l



Hey boys and girls! Its been a while, I hope you all doin' great ;) Here's the situation.. I got a job to do on a car monday, i need candy red for A-A colors, but can't find it and any other candy colors around my place. I order a batch a wicked colors paint from dixieart 3 weeks ago but still no sign of them. Anyway.. which freakin' paint i gotta mix to created the most accurate Candy Red possible on this planet without candy colors?

A candy is a special type of paint that only shows on area's that are lighter than the candy color itself. As a candy is the only type of paint with that propperty you'll not be able to mix a candy from other paints (and as it is red, a primary color not even from other candies).

You can get a candy like effect using transparants (although they do unlike candies affect colors darker than themselves) or with a verry reduced opaque (but again it will affect darker colors)
^ As Haasje said m8, pretty sure I've seen peeps paint a candy straight over their wicked bases, as long as its heat set..But yer, red is extremely hard to make..LOL..being a car, why not just buy a tin of white auto acrylic or uro and some red candy and do it with the same system of paint, if its a mates rates job, get the owner at least to purchase it so it doesn't cost ya nothing..Least that way it will have that true candy look..transparents come close but you'll likely end up with a hot pink paint job and ya customer may not like that :)..If you do go with a reduced waterbased red, do your base artwork in greys, it will stop some of the pink shift..GL
Nothing will look like a candy paint but well candy paint.even the waterbased ones aren't a true candy. Urethane candy is a dye rather than a pigment like other paints. I hate Dixie art they take forever and have horrible customer service

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thx to all!! im gonna go buy some candy red a the paint shop.. tired of waiting after dixie, its the first and last time i order there. If i go with waterbased candy red, can i still go with my auto air black and white for shadows or gotta choose same brand (for compatibility)? i'm planning to do something like a ghost effects with skulls and smoke on background.. candy red monochrome. I feel like a virgin, im scared to f#$@ this up! hehe!!:p Anyway, have a great day guys, i'll show you some pics at the end of the week!!

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