Which compressor is better for my setup?


Young Tutorling
Hi all. So, I've been using a dry compressor for the last two years, and it works okay, the only problem is that it gets hot during long spraying sessions. Now I want to upgrade my setup, as I often need to spray for 2/3 hours straight. I make scale models in 1/72nd and 1/48th scale, using mainly a 0.4mm nozzle, so nothing too big or challenging. I was considering getting a Hansa Aero Pro HTC-20A, but I have a few doubts: does anyone of you use this compressor? If so, how does it perform during long spraying sessions? Is it a good investment?

The other compressor I was looking at is the Werther Sil-Air 15A, and again, if anyone of you has it I'd like to know its performances in the long spraying sessions.
Thank you all!!
In my opinion you cant go wrong with a Werther, I'm not sure of the 15A, i had the 20A which i liked, when it went bad i went with the Sil-Air 50-9-D