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Hi folks... I don't airbrush... I do paint tho :p... but what I need help with is purchasing an air compressor. We have an artist friend in Cuba who currently has a compressor but would like a smaller, more portable one that he can take to the market and work while there. I want to bring him one when we go to visit again in the Spring. Now, I know nothing about these machines and I have never tried my hand at airburshing although I do love how it looks. Any adivce on an affordable, portable air compressor? I really don't have any other details with regards to what he is currently using or exactly what he needs other than a small portable compressor. He is not a beginner, I do not that! lol. Any thoughts? The language barrier made it a little difficult to get any more specifications. Thanks.
Hi Wanda anything worth anything is not cheap but a good portable compressor would cost about $250....a really expensive one $800.....you can spend less but then the quality won't be as good and probabley won't last.....any good airbrush store which you could find on the internet would be able to help you out there.....:)....just google airbrush compressor.
Hi Wanda, just adding to Slipery's good advice - make sure you get a little compressor with a tank - if he's a freehand artist the diaphragm alone won't cut it (unless all he is doing is temporary tattoos).
This is what you should be looking for:
Silent compressor for use with IntelliSpense air powered dispensers.

This is what i'd recommend:
The Spraygun Company Ltd Bambi Budget Silent Air Compressors

Affordable, portable, good quality - you can pick two out of those three words and that's what you'll get with an airbrush compressor (if you want 1. affordable, 2. portable then it likely won't be good quality). Good luck with it!
How portable do you want it to be? You get the small "airbrush compressors" that some love but think is useless and then you get some like what Airbrush Tutor mentioned that is better. You don't say where you are but traveling with a 30+lbs compressor will not be fun.
Thank you so much for the input.... I'm travelling from Canada to Cuba. I purchase extra baggage allowance with the extra weight in mind. He doesn't do temporary tats... He paints on a version of a canvas.. not sure what it is to be honest...looks like a treated cotton of sorts. I guess, I need to "weigh" out whats more important.....lighter is good but I really don't want to bring him something of poor quality. I will have to look into the weight of these things and try to find a decent balance between the three qualities of an aircompressor! Thanks again!!!! You guys are great!
Badger TC910 ASPIRE PRO Compressor check this out....something like this would do nicely I think...not too expensive and not too cheap, the tank is a little small for my liking but a design like that I think is perfect...:)
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One more thought is the power in Cuba. Will he need a converter?

Thats a really good point.... He really didn't say anything about that... I have a few converters so I'll bring an extra... Not sure if it will be suitable for the wattage used for a compressor. Thanks for this...I will be looking into this as well. I have a few cuba experts I can ask! :)