Which pencils




i got 2 questions,

When you first setup a basic sketch with help of a tracer or whatever, which pencil do you use? Like brand, hardness, types to avoid?

if you use pencils in your airbrushdrawing for let's say texture, fine lines and whatever more, same question, which pencils/sets do you use? Like brand, hardness, types to avoid?

It's all a question of personal taste, and will depend to some extent what your painting on, I paint mostly on canvas, so I use pencils which are very soft so that there is no risk of piecing the canvas, also with the pencil being soft I rub away unwanted pencil marks easily with my finger, you can use coloured pencils but you must be sure they are wax free since any paint afterwards will adhere.

I don't use pencils for textures, detail or anything like that, what I can't do with an airbrush I generally do with different size small brushes using the the same colours with more thinning to try to keep the same texture overall, you need to just practice and find you like best
I use aquarelle which is a watercolor pencil or stabilio which is also an aquarelle. As stated above stay clear of wax for your tracing or projecting. With projection tracing I try to use a color that will blend easy when painting and also try to wipe away the pencil as I work. Hope this helps.