Which substrate to use...



Well im new on artist types of underground, I know alot more on automotiv and DIY, but this is a bit different.
I am going to use Wicked detail paints for now.

I want to make things like paintings and stuff and want to learn to get as much detail as possible.
So as I do not know what is best I would like to ask you guys and gals :D

Some things I REALLY REALLY like and are going to aim for:

Flaming skull type, by Dru Blair.
Dark background with bright colors
Original made on aluminum panel

Snake, unknown maker
White Snake Face small.jpg

So what best to use as background? Board, canvas? I realize that this is subjective, but would appreciate a direction :) Canvas is a great surface but I think it will dull the colors a bit down...

I am like, well I can better start off learning on the right surface from the get go ;)
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Try clay board from hobby lobby. It is awesome!! You can tape and mask like you do in automotive!! Its the next best thing to metal panels without the prep work!!

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As far as I know I can not get clay board here in the Netherlands :(
At least cant find it online...

Is it made of clay? feel dumb now haha

Found out it is indeed a clay layer (kaolinite) on board. I would think it is easily damaged then?
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Its pretty durable. I like it a lot. I have used the knock off version and it works well to, it seems to be Masonite board with a good thick, even layer of gesso over it. I painted a picture of my son playing baseball over it and masked the whole thing and didnt pull up anything when i removed it.

Look for gessoed artist panel at www.craftsetc.com

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