Which type of paint set?

EJ Hart

Young Tutorling
I'm a noob and want to start airbrushing some simple paintings of fruit. I want to purchase a paint set but I'm unsure if I should get a transparent or opaque paint set to start off with?. I want to stay with in the Createx paint family. Thanks
Transperant gives more depth. And gives you the ability to work in layers. (everything you've done in the previous layers remains visible and gets darker with each layer)
With opaque colors the color does not get darker with each layer but stops at the color you see in the bottle.
That's the difference in short.
Which set? Indicate how much you want to spend. Illustration Colors Primary Set 5088-01 is the cheapest.
But for a better start, I recommend the Illustration Color Wheel Set 5080-01.
It also depend on if you want to order from the net or buy in store. Michael's art sells Golden High flow colors.
Hobby sells Createx Wicked line, Or if you want Createx Illustration you'll have to go to the net.
Second what the other guys have said. If you don’t mind the idea of learning some colour theory, buying a Primary set of either Illustration or Wicked is a cost effective way of doing things.