Which type of paint?


Firman Ng

Hi everyone, i'm a beginner trying to do airbrush on t-shirt, any guide which type of paint suit best for t-shirt like cotton? And prevent paint from fading when washing in 30degree celcius.
There are guys on here who do a lot of "Tees" and they would be able to advise you better but I use Createx, Google it mate.
Where are you from? Your Bio don't show it?
Welcome Firman Ng! It would be fantastic if you introduced yourself, and told us what kind of gun you have and such, so that others can help you purchase paint and such, in your area. I am from USA, and I use Wicked paints.
Haven't done much fabric work, but I use Wicked as it's also good for many other surfaces, and then createx matte top coat, and heat set. You may want to consider a transparent base for darker colours, which will also help keep the nap flat.
Hi guys, sorry i'm quite new here. i bought it over here for a badger model 250, it's a basic spray gun set. i am considering a compressor which will suit this brand of mine too as i'm using a propel can at the moment for trying out my skills.