Which WICKED black for Tshirts?



Hey guys. I ordered spectra tex and got them in. I Remembered I didn't like the white in ST, so I didn't order black n white from them.

However, when I went to pick up WICKED colors at Hobby Lobby, I saw like 2 or 3 different blacks. One was like, Standard black? I think and the other was WICKED JET BLACK... I'm assuming those are both opaque, I expected it to be like the white and say opaque on it but it doesn't.

Which one of these do I need for Tshirts? (Scripting names more particularly)

Wicked is semi-opaque unless it states it's opaque. Either black is fine, jet has more blue in it, that's about the only difference.
Ok, so I'd have to find the one that actually says opaque on it then? I don't like to have to go back over my script. I know drying the art prior to helps a lot but if I do car shows again etc I won't have time to press the shirt 3 times lol
Plain old wicked black will be fine, only true opaque with wicked is white I believe, unless you are very heavy handed , you will want more than one pass anyway.

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