White on black blue shift ?



I'm about to do a portrait and its black base with white highlights, am I right in thinking I can use a colour to act like black and I won't have blue shift. I'm going to use wicked detail but will use auto air for base colour. Is it burnt umber or something? Thanks in advance....
I had blue shift only when i painted white tshirt with black and after i did white highlights on top, on what surface are you going to paint cause if it's metal don't worry about blue shift
tony bit of orange should counter act the blue shift quite nicely, will still look quite grey for the lightest few layers but thats just the black showing through the over reduced white,,,,,,, build it up and should go wire audrey a few passes
Just paint from light to dark m8 and ya won't have to worry about shift at all..As someone mentioned its only when trying to re-add white over a black does this really occur, leave your highlights nearly canvas white then just touch them lightly with white at the end if you want to pop em a bit, being that the highlights are rarely near a real darkspot you should be safe...GL m8
I used approx one drop of orange to about 10 drops of white on my comp skull. The only place that i seemed to have a blue shift was in the nose cavity and that was because when i did that i didnt add orange.
I agree with the others. A drop or two of orange will reduce the "shift", but don't add too much. Another option... spray a white base of your portrait first, build your darker layers on top of that and scratch or erase your highlights (obviously, this depends on your surface... it won't work if you're painting a t-shirt).

Thanks for all your help I shall be trying these on my next piece.