white primer as a white base


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What if I use white primer and leave it as a base coat ?
Primer it supposed to be a great base to work with , and paint white (paint) over white (primer) doesn't seems to make any sense. (if work will be cleared at the end)
I want to know your experiences and opinions about pros and cons of this , in scratching , durability , finishing...
I don't know for sure but wouldnt the primer react differently from where you have painted it to where you havent? It may suck up the clearcoat and give you a different finish. This is only what I am thinking. I do not actually know if this would be the case.

Primer is a base for adhesion, leveling and smoothing....for a coat of sealer (paint).
The clearcoat on primer isn't as smooth or very glossy. To me it looks cloudy
I've used primer as a base on smaller paintings, like maybe 6x8 inchs or so but I usualy cover all the surface with the art including back ground. So I would say if you are covering all the primerd area with airbrush art, you should be ok. Just my thinking.
it does depend on the primer type and brand you're planning to use, as far as the results you'll get, or if it will even work at all.

Also, primer isn't designed for UV exposure, and will weaken, crack, chalk up, lose adhesion, etc when exposed to sunlight. There's a reason why so many manufacturers are making the flat-black, primer-look 2k basecoats now. Real primer isn't meant as, and doesn't work well as, a topcoat.
i coat my panels masonite and airbrush board withj krylon enamel white and lightly wet sand .if i use etac or com art and goof up i just eash it off only draw back if you use enamel you cant clear with laqueer
You could use something like Auto Air sealer white as a base coat, it will give a more satin finish with clear on it, than a standard base coat. I would imagine urethane sealers would work the same.

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