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Air-Valve Autobot!
yes folks thats what i am calling it had problems wit this stuff all along and the problem didnot exist with com art or spectra just so happens i have several people interested in a b an wht katy perry and i have a large wicked blk and transparent base plus plenty of reducer so i strained the paint reduced the paint and i am done mapping katy and doing the detail around her nostril still nervous about prior similar problems when all of a sudden no paint Thain splat could be me i doubt it so as soon as possible i will be ordering a neutral density kit from com art dont get me wrong i do like wicked but not for a .15 set up. i like the colors the eye i have on my wall is wicked the retna came oot sweetSnapshot_20121122.JPG
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Clean your tip every time you stop spraying if this tip dry is an issue..Also I never re-introduce air whilst pointing at my painting (Avoids any splatter), point it into your hand instead..and finaly if you are getting this problem (Of inkflow stopping) don't keep pulling back on the trigger, trust your instincts that something is wrong and stop and investigate..GL on the KP work :)
Have to agree with RebelAir , I do get some tip dry with comart and spectra tex too, But every time I stop spraying I just for tip dry and this air on spray out away from painting to blow any little buggers hiding and while keeping air on , I continue to work.
Wicked it no different, White tends to have the most tip dry But than again I get tip dry with HOK white too.
I use wicked only, however I use the method that ignis mentioned of a 1:15 paint-reducer.....finest of lines no tip dry and y ou can clean your brush in 30 seconds