Wicked base on wood & recommended clears?



Hello everyone,

I'm after some advice on some products, firstly the wicked W200 transparent base, I plan to use wicked detail paints on the plywood with some areas of the wood staying untouched by paint so the grain shows through.
Would the W200 be a suitable base to seal the wood before I start painting and would the final clear finish coat be ok laying straight on top of the W200 where theirs no paint?

And could anyone recommend a good Acrylic clear system to compliment the wicked products? I've always used automotive base coats and 2pak clears in the past but now I just want to try using acrylics from start to finish...
I have yet to find a really good acrylic clear that works great and holds up over time.
But Enamel Clear works great and will hold to the wood.
I have also used 2k clear on some wooded rifle stocks and so far they are holding up.

The wicked will be fine on the wood.