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Hi everyone,

I am having a bit of issue lately with the wicked paints detail mainly black as it is what i practice with. I am using a iwata neo hp-cn, the silver jet compressor and the psi is around 35, when i paint lines it seems to go fury on the end and a smooth/clear line, i have taken some pictures. The airbrush also start to give a little paint when i have the air on only as well, i have clean the needle pulled it apart and cleaned all the parts... any suggestions

I have tried lowering the psi, the the edges just get worse, i have also added reduce, say 5 drops black and around 2 drops reducer ???? i am sure that it is something i am doing as i am a newb.

please help



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try 5 drops reducer, 1 drop paint, then lower your psi. Some reduce 10 reducer to 1 paint and have psi at around 10, so you could try that, but as it's detail paint which is transparent, that ratio works better for building up colour in an image. For practising lines I would go for the thicker option. I often use 3 reducer to 1 paint, but you will get a lot of tip dry. Depending on what I'm doing I will sometimes use it and suck it up if I don't need to make a lot of passes, but want colour intensity.
Yup, what Squishy and ko said... I try to run as reduced as I absolutely can if it's a painting on paper or bristol board, or anything porous. You simply build up everything slowly(which is a good idea anyway). I keep my pressure around 30-35 psi, or lower if it's needed to keep it from skating out too easy with some colors. Anything that I need total coverage or that I need to worry about adhesion, I try to keep closer to what the manufacturer recommends. But if you're using paper or canvas, or just doing practice stuff, thin it way down and you'll get more consistent results.:cool: It's a balance for each person, test the boundaries of reduction and high and low pressures and see what feels right for you. Different colors, in the same line, will act different as well but you'll start to dial things in faster once you have a baseline you like. And BTW, like was said, your lines don't look bad, really.
I have two Neo CN's. I had the same problem, and found that the issue was the seating of the needle. Undo the back end tube, loosen the collar that holds the needle in push the needle to seat tight and hold as you do up the collar again. Once seated tight the problem will stop. ( Or at least it did for me).

I also find my Neo's seem to like around 20 psi give or take, and reduce the paint to suit. (around 2:1 for most colours). Wicked detail paint seesm to flow slightly better than the other. I use Datail Paynes Grey rather than black for most 'Black' Work.
thanx for everyones help, i will check the needle and try the ratio for reducing. I will check myself with the ditancing tonight