Wicked Opaque Colours


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Hey Everybody.
I got a set of the new Wicked Opaque colours for Christmas so had a play with them.
I found they sprayed pretty nicely reduced with 4011 through my Eclipse CS.
They definitely cover well and build to some pretty vibrant tones. As usual I applied a fairly light first couple coats and was able to honk it on after that.
The black in the image is the opaque Black, not sealer or anything else. It did a good job covering the white with a few coats.
As per the TDS I did not add 4050, just the reducer.
The texture in the blue is just where the photo paper lifted slightly from taping. Nothing to do with the paint.



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That looks like a nice green.
It is really nice. I have just started a piece that I have based with the green because it was so nice. Even though it’s very light it still covers really well and levelled out better than any Createx paint I have used before in my humble opinion.

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I've heard a lot of good things about the new line of opaques. I have black and white, but haven't had a chance to try them yet. Thanks for the post, Si!
No probs Mate. I know I find other opinions on here helpful when deciding to buy a product. A quick and simple little review with a couple pictures can be a big help.

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