wicked paints


Air-Valve Autobot!
i havent bean ...he he.. i said bean ... i havent been using wicked for a while and theres a reason for it i dont know if its a co hienkiedink (coincidence) or what but when i did my entire state bilding i thought since i have a bunch of wicked left i should mix some blue with black for the night sky and i am using the .4 set uo so i dont think clogs wood bee an isue. i started the work with a reasonably clean gun ant the whole way through it sounded asthmatic and the sound was like a wheezing sound i also had to leave the fancy burgundy anodized handle off to constantly fight clogs it cant be a bad batch of paint because i have bought wicked on several different times im just a little frustrated i do like them for there colors they are bright and a 2 oz bottle goes a long way with reducer but i havent had any isues at al!@!! with com art or spectratex a 1 oz bottle of com art is like a quarter oz wicked as far as collor concearns i would rather have the wicked i am wondering about those new paints from createxare they trans parents or opaques