Wicked Pearls and Metallics



Anyone used the Wicked Pearl and/or Metallic colors? Are they brilliant/vibrant? User friendly? Do the colors mix well to form different colors, shades, tones? Thanks
They mix well with other colors. But you it is best used through a .35 or bigger. They tend to clog up smaller nozzle fast.
Not really sure what you mean by brilliant / vibrant. for the most part both pearls and metallic just add flare to the paint. which they do nicely , the metallic are finely ground as well as the pearl ,
Neither will dance the way dry pearl or metal flake will when added to automotive paint.
Flare is good. by brilliant I was meaning a result similar to what I see with the candy colors being used on motorcycle tanks. Thanks
Oh, they pop thatis fore sure! I used pearls on a moped, and it turned out much better than with candies..has more of a shimmer
I haven't tried many but the ones I have tried work very well. The base coat you use can have a massive effect on them I think Simon Murray has a vid somewhere where he demonstrates this. Some colours work better over black.
Thanks everyone. Squishy... I haven't been able to locate the vid you recommended. I can only find DVDs for sale.
Check out SMDesigns on you tube. Simon did all the vids for the Auto Air DVD. Very informative.