Wicked problem


Needle-chuck Ninja
Hey everyone. Have drama with wicked detail moss green. Every time I load it in the brush and add the high performance reducer it turns the paint really grainy and clogs up the brush. Any clue as to what is going on ?
i only can say what i did...i dumped createx / wicked paints and got trident brand..another option would be e-tac...i know throwing the paints away is hard...but i am so happy that i did it..have hassle free airbrushing now
As you probably use the reducer without problems with other wicked colors we can rule that out as cause.

It might be that the paint has just gone bad or that some other stuff has gotten into the paint (realy are the only two things I can think off).

The only thing I can advice is get another bottle and see if the new bottle has the same problem, if it does contact createx about it.
It's not contaminated it's a brand new bottle the moss green came with the skin tone set and only opened it today. Strange no othe wicked colour has even done this
It may be new to you steve, but maybe it's been hanging around in a warehouse or shop for a bit perhaps? I had that set, and after a few months the moss green did seem to go off. All the other colours were fine, maybe that one colour just doesn't last too well. I would send it back and ask for a replacement.
I had a very similar scenario with wicked white, no matter how much I sieved it and shook it I got small lumps of pigment building up, which cost me a new nozzle too as it would clear.
I bought a new bottle, fine, what Squishy says it could be on the shelf for a long time ,
Createx has been known to be a bit "batchy" with their quality control in the past. They even did an "old batch swap" a number of years ago with Auto Air because they had so many problems with one batch. You sent in the iffy stuff, they'd send you new, full bottles of whatever the newest batch at the time was. As I recall, it didn't work any better, anyway.

Another problem is that they tend to sit on store shelves for a while. Or, worse, in warehouses, trucks, trains, etc.

Either way, the end result is that Createx paints can vary quite a bit from bottle to bottle, even in the same colors. I've found that this is especially true if I buy it at the local Hobby Lobby or Michaels (hint, grab the bottle at the back of the shelf, it's typically the newest). Places like Coast that ship quite a bit of the stuff usually won't have the paints sitting around too long, so you have better odds of a fresher batch.

I'd send an email to Createx if I were you. Or just send the shoddy bottle back to them with a note asking them to send another. lol.
I have been away from my airbrush for about two tears and all my paints that I had (mostly AA and createx) had settled but I revitalised them with a god long whisk up with my baadger paint whisk, they are all perfectly usable now :)
Thanks for the replies everyone. I didn't know if I was doing something wrong or not. I'll give it a good whisk and see what happens
I have had moss green in both the detail and illustration line do it, had to give up on that color. Which is a shame since it's a nice color to have around for landscapes and planets.

I'm considering giving up createx for airbrushing, and just keeping autoair for basecoats and glazing.
Old thread, but I am having the same prob with Wicked detail cobalt blue, gets blue grains in it, I can filter them out but shouldn't have too!