wiked black clog isues even with larger needle in my infinity


Air-Valve Autobot!
just wanted to post this its good information. I am almost finished with my katy perry portrait i wanted it to come out like a photo. when it came to painting the eyelashes hair and eyebrows i had great difficulties with clogging and the airbrush not responding to what i wanted. I take good care of my velocity and infinity i just replaced the standard needle bearing and screw in the infinity with the cr plus triple Teflon bearing and i am using a brand new needle. also the paint i tried all pressure levels and different reduction levels also i just finished prepping an 18 x 24 airbrush board black for my skull competition entry. and with the compressor at 50 psi with the larger needle in my infinity i still can hear it cloging and clearing . i would like to add that the same problem also occurred with different colors. and i had less issues with createx paints in fact comparing white opaque wiked with creaatex i will keep the createx. now what about e tac or trident. also i wanted to ad i did try badger paint air opaque colors seemed to work very well without even reducing i was able to get those real fine lines that you would expect from having an airbrush with a .15 mm tip. i love my infinity. At least if i take out the tip i dont have to worry about loosing it. lastly i recently finished an owl its on display at a coffee shop called roast in Patchogue. i was not happy with the way the white was working im thinking of giving etak a try
I had some real issues getting the wicked detail black and white to flow through my micron with a 0.15 tip,
Trident flows thru it very nicely, Etac is even better and leaves a much smoother finish to the touch. I'm using the trident reducer with it, but you can use bottled water or Etac's own reduce air, which I think i'll get when my trident is all used up.