Will.I.Am portrait

Clive Stevens

Mac-Valve Maestro!
Started with a light sketch on dibond:

Then sketched it out with a light flesh tone, mixed from Inspire Solvent Airbrush paints, after masking off the glasses as I wanted a sharp edge on them:

Then mapped out the shadows with a darker grey:

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Then it was in with some colour. Golden browns and darker browns, and some colour into the hat:

And more detail with a darker still brown:

And hair detail added with a mix of erasing and coloured pencils:


then un-masked/re-masked the glasses:

And the detail added to them and the clothes:

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Nice artwork! I really like the effect of the eyes and glasses, well, all of it actually :)
Excellent excellent work! I am struggling with life like portraits and this work is just beautiful! Thanks for posting it.
Nicely done Clive, I've yet to mess about with the solvents, still waiting for my garage roof.. Got to be done very soon before we lose the dryish weather.

Really? ;)

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Would you have rather me said a different cheesy line from one of there overrated songs??? Or would that have made me 2000 and late, lol!!! Notice nobody ever paints fergie's ugly mug?? Lmao!!!
Thats because if they painted all of her her ass would take up the whole piece.lol!

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