Will I regret this?



Hopefully my last annoying thread for a while (no promises though).

I've basically decided on an airbrush and paint. Now looking at compressors.
I'm going to buy the Iwata eclipse CS, with wicked detail black and white paint (and reducer) to get me started.

I'm trying to keep the cost down, but also avoid buying a piece of junk.
My knowledge on compressors is limited (to nothing), so any opinions would be a great help.

These two are fairly similar. I assume both would be decent quality and fairly reliable. My only issue may be noise. They are both a lot more powerful than I would need as well.

Blackridge 1HP Air Compressor | eBay

Project Air 24L 2HP Single Outlet Air Compressor TA-COMP10 - Bunnings Warehouse

Everything else I can find on eBay looks pretty cheap and possibly unreliable.
Do you think I would regret buying one of these?

BRAND NEW Airbrush Compressor 4 Air Brush Tattoo Models | eBay


Anything half decent seems to be well in excess of $200.
think you have got it spot on, a decent brush to get you started, the learning curve wil be easier than with junk, and you don't have to adapt from junk to decent after junk breaks....paint is good to get started, reduce ir well to reduce tip dry....compressor I can't help with....buy thy look decent brother
As you already mentioned yourself the 2 big compressors will have more then enough power for airbrushing, but they will be damn loud. If that does not matter to you then you can go for one of them.
But spraying inside the house wont be fun with them if you plan on that. The other 2 compressors are the typical chinese ones, they are not that bad though. If you get one like that you just should not
airbrush for hours without a break. Give them some time to cool off again since they will get pretty hot. I see they both have a tank which is very important so your airflow is constant and wont pulsate.
As far for realiability, its hard to say something about that just from looking at the pics.
Cheers guys.. Mucho appreciated!

One last addition. I found what is hopefully a bit of a compromise between quality and price (and noise):
Artlogic - AC1418
Oil-less Mini Air Compressor with Tank
Auto-Stop function, Moisture trap & Regulator
Power: 1/5 HP
Air Delivery: 25L/Min
Pressure: 60PSI
Speed: 1600 rpm
Tank: 3Ltr
Noise rating: 50DB
Melspray Equipment : 03. ArtLogic AC1418 Mini Airbrush Compressor with Tank [AC1418] - $168.00

How do those stats stack up? 60psi seems to be more than enough, compared to others I have looked at.
(what is the highest pressure you generally paint with?)
I've seen other brands call their compressors 'silent' at 45db. Now db's don't really mean anything to me, but at 50dbs this should be reasonable quiet?

I only just heard of this brand today and can't find any reviews, so it's a bit of an unknown for me.

Do you think in the long run it's worth while spending a bit extra to get this?

Thanks a million.
To be honest, i dont think so that this one is so much different or better then the cheap ones. You could buy almost 3 of the 69$ ones for the price of this one.
You can get a cheap one and when you really want to upgrade after sometime then save up some money for a really good one then with a fridge compressor.
Those airbrush compressors are so silent, you can even airbrush at night without waking someone up.
As everyone already said, if noise is not an issue for you, go for the larger tank possible. It can be too much for now but during the learning process, you will need air air air air and a larger tank will be handy rather than running the other options for hours.
Also if noise is an issue, perhaps filling the tank earlier or outside than get it into the house and paint. We all invest in new brushes, paint and accessories but not on the compressor each time, so get the best you can and that can serve you years before upgrading. This is only my .2 cents and based on my past experience, a tank is better if portability and noise if not a big issue.

You will regret getting the big ones because of the noise. Regret the small ones because they are underpowered and heats up fast. You will never regret the Iwata.
Haha. My current bank balance disagrees!

I'll probably get the cheapo 24L tank to start with. At least the compressor wont be on quite as often (I hope).
I'f I'm still painting in a year and haven't been driven insane by the compressor then I might treat myself to an upgrade.

Thanks for the advice everyone. Great forum here.
I ordered the eclipse cs and paints today. Not a cheap hobby, but I'm sure it will be worthwhile :)
Glad you got things on order. And it is expensive to start with, but only initially. Your brush will last years with proper tlc, and, your paint can go along way depending on how much you reduce. The compressor is the bank balance killer for sure. Once you get addicted it is easy to become tempted with lots of different types of paint, and expensive stencils etc. But really you only need the basics to get you on your way, and then buy the primary colours so that you can make any colour you need. All the other stuff is nice but not necessary, but you'll probably have a wishlist, and your nearest and dearest will never be stuck wondering what gifts to get you from now on. You'll soon be as addicted as the rest of us!