Will my Spectra Tex work?



Sorry if I put this in the wrong section, im new here. but anyway, i got a badger patriot 105 for christmas and my local michaels only sells spectra tex so i bought some. my question is, im modding my xbox and long story short its cut out and the only thing i have left to do is paint the shell. Will my spectra tex work or would i just be better off doing it with a few coats of spray paint? sorry if i sound like an idiot asking this, like i said, im new here.
it will work fine, scuff it with a pad..... plastic primer....spectra and then top coat
ok thank you. i was woried because i read somewhere that it was just a paint ment for t-shirts and fabric
no not at all my friend, it is great for fabric and t shirts but can also be used on paper, wood, metal, glass.... anything really..... with plastic thpough as i say give it a real good scuff with a wire pad, so no shiney bits, then plastic primer( rattle can stuff will do) then you can spray your art..... before you do your x box i would practice on paper... get used to controlling your brush
ok thanks for the advice. ive already sanded it down with 120 grit sand paper and then smothed it out with 400 grit. one last question though, since its water based, if i paint it onto my xbox and then when it dries i attempt the water drop effect (using spray paint like rustoleum for the actuall effect), will the water effect the paint i have already laid downand let dry?
as long as your paint is totally dry i dont think you will have a problem, if ur not sure, lay a coat of clear over the top.
yer agree with jord iwould probably give it an intercoat clear
Ad Fez is correct. Thanx Ad Fez Spectra-tex, although excellent for T-shirts and fabrics, has a multi-substrate binding agent, so it will stick to most common substrates including resins, styrene, etc. The scuffing for tooth is a good non-porous susbtrate suggestion, if you wanted more comfort you could even throw a Krylon type primer down as well (not necessary, but not harmful either). A good durable clear is always a wise suggestion as well as it will protect and prolong the life of the finish.
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