Will this drive a mini / touch up gun ?



I need to do some fairly large base coat sprays, kandie sprays and clears, and I'd really rather not invest in another compressor.

I have one of these ( Amazon.com: Badger Air-Brush Co. TC910 Aspire Pro Compressor: Arts, Crafts & Sewing ) and I'd like to drive something like ( Devilbiss Starting Line HVLP Mini Spray Gun - 1.0mm Tip / DEV-802405 : Amazon.com : Automotive ) or similar.

Thoughts ?

Recommendations ?

I do have the fan tip for my talon, and it _does_ seem to work ok, but I'm a little concerned about being able to put down even coats with it on long passes.
Hmmm...it can work....but i think you will have to be care full not to overheat your compressor....i used a piston compressor also with HVLP gun once or twice....but since the air buffer tank is rather small it will continuously be running. It would be better to use a bigger compressor for it...no risk on overheating. I have a 24 L tank and still it will run almost continuously when i use the HVLP gun for basecoat or clearing a project. I guess it depends on how big the area's will be and how fast you can do it.
I would say no!

I struggle with a 7 cfm compressor with a 25 litre tank and I use a mini gun with a 1.0mm set-up for clearing my artwork (this only just manages with 2k clear). You need a lot more air than an airbrush even with a mini gun.
No even thou an HVLP works off 25 to 35 PSI you will need more CFM's aka flow /.
I would say it won't, my HVLP 0.8 requires 25ltr 2hp to keep up.
Ah well, I'll look at other options :\ Thanks for the input and replies!
So, with that in mind, is it doable to do a 2' by 2' ground panel in urethane kandies ? I have a couple cans of spraymaxx 2k clear...