Will this effect performance



Just got my hp-sb in and noticed the part where the nozzle screws into is an oval instead of being perfectly round. Not sure how this could happen unless over tightened to the point it distorted the threads/opening.

Check out these pics and let me know what you guys would do.



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I don't expect it will. As long as everything screws in correctly and fits snug. As long as everything is clean and working well you should hold the brush perpendicular to a surface and get a nice round dot. If you do then you are all good.
I'm just thinking if the nozzle doesn't seal 100% to the damaged surface it could mess with the venturi that pulls the paint out.

I'm letting it soak in restorer for a few hours because it was unbelievable dirty, I'm talking actual chunks of paint in the side feed passages. But will test it out tonight
as Mark has said, do a test spray to get an idea if you will spray a circular dot or not. I suspect it will be ok.
Hopefully it was only used for water based paint or you may need to get some thinners to clean it out. just be careful if there are seals, rubber will self destruct in the restorer.
If you don't have any then grab some interdental brushes (toothbrush section of the grocery store) the smaller the better, they're great for cleaning the side hole, no risk of damage to the brush.
That there happens when you drop the brush with nozzle on, but no air cap. There will be two things to look for - the first will be an air leak at the nozzle. If you get bubbles in your color cup, you know where your culprit is. Bee's wax will most likely take care of any issue there... I may be tempted to try the brush first though, to see if it will seal without it. Curiosity. The second thing to look for is to make certain the new nozzle is centered in the air cap. With the threads being distorted, it is possible that it may snug up off center... Put the nozzle in, screw the air cap on, and then inspect the spacing around the nozzle - visually, it should look even all the way around.If not, well, this will be an issue that needs fixed.
Im only soaking the front of the brush, up to the side feed passages so there should be no problem with the restorer.
I'm going to do a test spray and inspection in a few minutes.
Yes it seems like only waterbased paint was used from what I could tell.

I looked at coast airbrush and they sell spare parts but it doesn't say if it's a Teflon or rubber needle packing.

Yea I have a bunch of interdental brushes and h&s brushes that are basically interdental brush that I use on my grex.
Well I tested it and it seems to spray hair line lines and a round dot.

Was having some major problems but it was because the paint cup passage that very tiny hole was clogged with paint.

Take a look at how dirty this brush was that was supposedly "gently used in perfect condition"


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if that's the restorer in the cup then that brush was D.I.R.T.Y. I've never had my restorer look anywhere close to that, even from my 2nd hand 'clean' airbrush !!

Hopefully you've got yourself a bargain if it seems to be spraying right. worse case you may need a new needle and nozzle. just make sure you get the right version (plus or non-plus)
I'm honestly on the fence about returning it, payed $100 thought it was perfect condition.

Yes thats restorer brush was disgusting inside.
Here's a another pic of the 3rd batch of restorer


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if it seems to be spraying ok, then it may be worth keeping. A new one is $255 (down from $340) at Coast. unless you have a coupon for Coast then getting a new needle/nozzle it could still work out a good deal
I'm with Jack Eb - if it sprays ok, you are golden. You may have to go through getting it completely clean now, but that is something you will only have to do once. If the brush works well, you will forget this part of it in short order...
I do love the detail and overall feel of the brush, I can get a brand new in the box hp-sb plus for $200, oh the decisions... it just bothers me knowing that piece is messed up, especially being a piece you can not buy/fix.

After the new needle/nozzle for the old one I would be at $133 plus s&h.
Unless I make my own needle like I did for my grex...
To add to the problems I looked at the nozzle/aircap under a 60x loupe and the nozzle does hug one side slightly so it looks like the drop or whatever damaged it did push the nozzle off center.
at least then you know its fully covered by warranty if it arrives distorted. I was lucky, I bought a 2nd hand CM-B from a member here, I factored in a possible new head/needle and it was still a good deal. luckily it was just in need of a good clean.
Yes indeed... that sort of thing is annoying - even if it does spray straight - you're never quite sure...
If the brush was sold as "gently used" and after getting it in reality you have dirty tool and damaged body it does not mean you have to keep it as seller's description does not correspond with the reality. You ca not check it so the seller is responsible for the words written, you've paid real not damaged money.
Dirt can be removed without any issues, but slightly bent tube where nozzle screws in is a real problem! I agree with Dave, if there's not air leak it's OK. Off centering is no good also. At the same time saying it again, you've paid for "gently used" tool.
I once bought used Iwata. The description was also some kind of "good condition". AB arrived with bent needle, luckily the nozzle was normal. After this I've decided not to buy used ABs off e-bay. It's better to buy new, especially if you can do this.
Tried to use the brush just to test it again and am having nothing but problems will spitting and sputtering, need to pull the trigger back half way to get paint and when your moving the trigger to shut paint off I get a burst of paint. All the symptoms point to a dirty brush but I'm done with this it's getting sent back today.

The owners response to the dirty brush was "well of course it's going to have paint inside, I used it a few times" obviously they have no idea how to maintain a brush.

After this experience I would not buy another used brush unless I know it's coming from a fellow artist that knows what they are doing.