WIP Zombie and an newb



please any tips and or any kind of help on how to improve my airbrushing techniques, i'm quite new to the art and i want to greatly improve.SAM_2735-001.jpgSAM_2737.jpgSAM_2739.jpg
It's looking good already, next time you can try making more gradations in you shadows and it wil look even more realistic.
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Welcome to the site polskaprince from the uk. You've come to the right place to help you improve your ABing, lots of great people here who will be happy to give support and advice. Looks like you are doing great. I agree with the post above, about working on your tones and graduated fades, and also maybe sharpen things up a bit, as it has a soft slightly fuzzy look, this could be overspray, or maybe you could reduce paint more so could work at lower pressure to keep things a bit sharper, and possibly add some textures. But I think you are doing really well!
great thank you guys i will definitely be giving those tips a try on my next project