Wold Airbrush 1913



Wold Airbrush, there is an add for a 1913 Wold Airbrush Model A-1 dual action? Add says $40.00 seems like it might be interesting to own it if nothing else.. What do you think
I wonder if it doesn't work if it could be repaired to working status. Do you think it is worth anything?
I have asked the seller to send pics so I am not sure what it looks like yet. Thanks for all the links.
It is nice to see the history behind the airbrush . But than again I like history so much cool stuff was going on.
Yeh go for it, I buy some older ab's if I can. Well worth it if you fancy a few collectors pieces

Is that a pic of a brush you own?

No, just a guys site I have booked marked , I do have a 1940's Paasche Turbo I found at a swap meet. But it does not work and I only gave 2 bucks for it.
Hmmm so maybe I should offer $1.50 bucks for the wold it is older. lol
Just been looking up some of thos e airbrushes, what a great reference, really enjoyed reading about them.

Yes jord this has turned into the history thread. Maybe there should be a thread like that makes for good reading.