wooohooooo :) x infinity



I went and did it - the missus doesnt know how much it cost (YET :0 ) but i got the 2 in 1 infinity from Harder and Steenbeck and MAN I am impressed.

Straight out the box it worked like a charm, easy to clean (haven't sprayed black yet) and the FW ink from DR sprays well through it. I am still working out ratios and stuff, but the fine lines where awesome to see. (and paint)

The needle does feel a little soft compared to the sotar and the trigger action is certainly different. BUT I like the trigger and once i have a new paint nozzles for the sotar I will definitely write a comparison.

PS - If my one customer doesn't pay me tomorrow - then I too will be sleeping on the couch with bagelman :)

pics to follow if there is a demand for them :p
Congrats Flycatchr. I would love to hear your comparison between the Infinity and the Sotar when the new nozzles arrive.
Cheers Mel
You are not sharing my sofa/couch. You do your own penance LOL
i was messing with my infinity last night it is a hot gun I did trhe whole alphabet in script in about 2 and half inches try etac efx straight
Lol ferret, one day I will. I am hoping to get some com art tis weekend. Nor sure where to get etac here in the bottom of the world. :)
Cool stuff Fly. I will come and try it out. I'll bring my Micron along to compare. :applouse:
welcome to infinty territory!!!you´ll bea amazed how this machine will affect how you used your sotar,man is a wonder of a machine!!!am very happy for you,do a portrait of your wife before she knows,so instead of the couch you´ll receive a present lol!!!
Congrats! The infinity is the next toy on my list. :) I almost bought a Micron at the Airbrush Getaway, but I was able to resist temptation for 4 days. :victorious: