working on photo paper and erasing



So since schoellershammer paper is not too exspensive but the shipping is, i saw that some work on photo paper, my question: what kind of, glosy, matte, half gloss?
And how is it for erasing, does it allow it, or does it take all the paint off.
hey man not worked with photo paper,but my best guess is that tsunami airbrush did it in glossy paper...i have future project hopefully for next week in photo paper,glossy,what ever happens, i´ll share it here.:loyal:
Erasing is not too much fun on Gloss due to it will take the gloss off, But the Matt paper I have found to work great.
The first one I did on photo paper was for the paint pal on a 5X7 Gloss piece , I did eenesha alien painting on it. Since than I have tried gloss, semi gloss and matte , For scratching and erasing the Matte seemed to work the best. This was all on HP paper, I have not tried other brands.
that´s a great tip herb(can i call you herb?),thanks.