Working Pressure for Spray Gun



Hey guys,

I'm hopefully going to get a little hut built at the bottom of my garden for airbrushing, general painting etc. I've got a couple of compressors at the moment; a small one for airbrushing in the spare room, and a loud 50l job in the shed.

I'd like to get a new compressor at some point that I could use for both the airbrush and spray gun, but I don't know what the working pressure would need to be for the gun. I think it's an 0.8 if that's any help. I like the look and price of those Bambi compressors as they're silent, just not sure 8 Bar and a 24l tank will be enough for a gun. I've still got the loud job which would do it, but if I can find a silent one that would do both, that'd be a bonus.

Thankies :D
It depends on the actual gun too, I can run a cheapo 1.0mm on my powerjet pro, its running all the time but works. I just ordered an LPH80 which can run on the Iwata Compressors down to like 5psi and its a 1.2mm.
Its all new to me though, those Bambis look and sound like heaven, too exxy in Oz though :(
I run my sata mini jet and my lph80 on my bambi silent for basing and clearing a helmet etc ,but you would not be able to do a car door without the risk of working the compressor hard and maybe running low on air half way through which can cause atomisation issues .
I agree with ferret, for larger things you really want a bigger tank to keep up. So depends what you're wanting to paint. Your 50 ltr should be good though as long as its emptied regularly so you get maximum air.

I use a 250 litre beast for basing, clearing and airbrushing too. (plus hubs air tools) Just use a t piece to run two lines and regulators. Of course its louder than a jet plane in a tin can lol. But you can AB all day and night before it kicks in. You could maybe do something similar with your 50 litre and maybe build a box of some kind to quiet it some.
I just bought the gun to spray liquid mask on RC car body shells, as using a 1" paintbrush is proper tedious and does my head in lol. So nothing too large really. If I was to attempt to clear coat anything it wouldn't be anything bigger than a games console or something. I've got the 50l to use if I have to, so its all good. Thanks for the advice guys :D