Would like some advice or a few suggestions



Mornin all
Afternoon, whatever your timezone.

Looking for some info, hopefully from someone, or anyone actually, in the same prediciment I am
Lets throw down with some background first-

About a month or so ago I picked up an airbrush. Paasche Talon to be exact. It was reccomended I start with a dual action, and was enforced more as I was watching the tutorials. So thats currently what I'm trying to learn on.

My background is medium/heavy truck repair. About 20 yrs in the trade. Somewhere along the line I picked up automotive painting. Mostly single stage paint. Learned on an old prehistoric pot style spray gun and eventually moved to the h.v.l.p. Sharpe gun I use now.

Be patient, I'm going somewhere with this-

So after 20 or so yrs of turning wrenches, my hands are, to say the least, a little beat up. More strength than dexterity, my fine motor skills aren't what they used to be. My mitts are kind of big too. Size 21 ring finger if that gives you any idea. I'm also having a tough time transtioning from a h.v.l.p. gun with a conventional trigger to something the size of a pen with a tiny button on top.

What I would love to know, is, -
-has anyone else found themselves in the same type of position I am?
-How did you go from a 1qt gun to something way smaller?
-Have you had any luck with the Iwata or Master setups with the conventional trigger setup vs. the standard button and lever?
-If you own one of the Iwata (Revolution series) or Master brushes (G79) was it worth purchasing?

Thank you all in advance for any info, and letting me ramble a bit too

hey there although not quite the same, I have large skinny hands, with long fingers, most of the guys here help themselves by glueing a packer our grip of some sort on to the top of the trigger....I use 10 mm of pencil eraser to build up the trigger, it gives you a little more control and allows you to move the trigger a little smoother.....I've cut mine to a wedge at ther front also for a little extra grip.....try it for yourself, use a bit of track or something to glue it temporarily before committing to super glue etc.....as for the trigger style brushes, (harder and steinbeck colani) I have not used one so can't telly advise you
time is really all you need and you will get the feel for the small brush. i have larger hands, not big and pudgy but long fingers and it was a struggle at first but you do get use to it. i have wanted to try the trigger style myself and have seen videos of people using them to create some reallly great fine art. if your really wanting to do this , i wouldnt suggest the master series at all. cheap and bad craftsmanship, iwata is a much better way to go. if you have some extra money go for the iwata kustom th. it actually has a head on it that you can change and it will either spay like a airbrush with a larger nozzle or it can have a fan pattern like a mini hllvp gun, but your looking at $400 buks for it. when the killer deal comes my way i will have one........and i do mean killer deal, lol!!
Thanks all for the advice and info.
Snow plow money rolls in next week, I'll be taking a good look at, and probably picking up, that Iwata with the pistol grip
Thanks all for the advice and info.
Snow plow money rolls in next week, I'll be taking a good look at, and probably picking up, that Iwata with the pistol grip

That is where all my winter work went,....Interesting... hmmmm must make shield to keep snow in my area only ,,, Money..Money..Money..

Yes plow money is good money ....