Wrist Brace



I am not sure if this has been brought up before if so I apologize. If you are having problems with straight lines or airbrush control try wearing a wrist brace. The one I wear is a regular bowling brace which is meant to keep your wrist straight and stiff. I have a shaking hand issue which this solved and also helped my triggering, which I am not sure if this has to do with the brace or more likely that I can focus more on my triggering than keeping my wrist straight :thumbsup:
Even people without shakey hands can have trouble with straight lines. They need confidence, commitment and practice. The quicker you go the easier it is to keep straight... did I mention practice?
I agree I practice practicing while I am practicing to practice lol. It is defiantly a crutch but if it works hey why not. I have had to redo many projects because I was doing fine detail work due to my shaking hand, until one day I though hey I have something in my bowling bag that can stop this. Just something I thought I would share maybe help somebody out down the line. Although when doing cracks in skulls my shaking hand comes to good use:thumbsup:
I have very good hand eye coordination and strong hands I just lowered my airbrush station board and angled the board I'm painting on
while standing up can't stand airbrush sitting down. The hand rests on my Basswood board so it's really easy to control rather then painting at 90 degrees.