wrr air under the trigger



Hi guys, I was painting and after few minutes suddenly the air stopped. I cleaned airbrush put it together and nothing.
1. When I press trigger no air is coming out,
2. when I unscrew a bit the air valve the air is coming out through the trigger and there is a little air through the nozzle
3. when I press the air valve directly with my finger air is coming out so i don't know what is wrong
Have you been soaking the entire airbrush in cleaner?
Sound like the o-ring in the air valve has swollen , This mainly happens if you soak that area of the airbrush in a cleaner for too long.
Or you could have gotten a piece of dirt in the air feed tube which is blocking it.
I never leave airbrush for a long time even in clear water, I use some soap to clean it the paint cup, if the o-ring has swollen will I have to replace it, it looks normal to me but it's moving up and down on the valve when I press it
It should move up and down with trigger movement.
But the only time I have ever had air come up from the trigger is when I had a bad o-ring. Maybe someone else may have had something else cause this.
I replaced the o-ring and it fixed the problem.
But if you are only using soap and water to clean the airbrush ,that would not cause the o-ring to swell.
Restorer , RU311 and things like that with a chemical base will effect rubber.
I suggest you remove the entire nozzle assembly and needle and see if air passes that way . if so than it maybe just a clog in the air pipe that is pushing it back into the trigger area.
ok thanks,
The thing is that with my other airbrush is fine. So the compressor and air system works fine. When I take it apart air is coming out through the nozzle but like pressure would be somewhere around 5 Psi or even less, but more air goes through the trigger. And to have that I can't screw the air valve securely. I will try do something and let you know if i fix it. Thanks for advise.
Maybe try breaking down the brush totally, remove the air valve section, if it comes off, and soak in hot soapy water. Then if possible get a can of spray air, or similar pressurized air source, I have one hooked to an AB hose, and blow out all the passages. Using things like small brushes even ones supposedly designed for airbrush cleaning, if not used carefully, can actually do more harm than good.

After soaking and flushing with air you might be surprised all the junk that comes out.

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ok.I've done it,i tried to clean air passage with small wire and nothing (cause it had to be that) I was fed up, so I left it for over a night in soaked water with a bit of mouthwash :). Next day compressed air again through air passage and it's working fine. Thanks guys
Take the air valve portion (everything below the trigger) completely apart. Inspect the hole in the airbrush that leads to the paint chamber and clean it. Inspect every piece carefully with a magnifying lens. If there is no damage then, give every part a very light coat of oil and put it back together.