Xbox controller buttons


Double Actioner
Hey guys! So as some of you know I paint xbox controllers; I really enjoy seeing controllers that other people make, and their ideas they come up with. However there is one guy in particular Air Effex I believe business name is. I've noticed he actually paints the bumpers/triggers/buttons of his controllers. They look absolutely amazing, however how exactly do you go about that? IT seems like it would rub off after a while. Does the clear coat really protect it that much, or would it be something like a 2 part urethane sprayed out of a spray gun?
Hi, I painted mine a few years ago, I've cleared the buttons with ppg 2k clear, and they lasted a lot, same with a couple of old phones, the only issue is the thickness of the 2k clear, you have to be very carefull with that, as the distance between buttons and the body is not that big.

Hope that helps