yellow edges?

Thomas Barber

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hello, when mixing very light colours with yellow in them, when i spray them it always looks really yellow around the edge where the over spray is. how do you stop this?
im trying to make a really light flesh colour, to be precise im trying to do a portrait of natalie portman on the black swan dvd cover, so the really light colour before the high light and its coming out yellow near the edge. its hard to get that to blend nice with the white of the paper.
Sounds like you may have too much yellow in your flesh tone. To kill the yellow, you'll need to add it's compliment which is violet. Violet will quickly take over when mixing with a lighter color. Try adding a drop at a time.
Can you take a pict bro so it's easier(for me at least) to understand what the issue is?

yeah sorry guys i should have taken a picture. its good though now, i was just making the mix too yellow, its very hard to judge in the mixing bowl to when you spray. i did add more violet to the mix which made positive difference. im getting a much nicer look. Cheers to you all though!
I've had a very simple recipe for making skin tone. Set up a portrait in shades of brown and then spray a very diluted orange over it. To mix this thinned orange or 'glacis' layer I fill the airbrush' paint cup with water, dip the tip of a pipette in the bottle with orange paint and mix the tiny amount of orange that sticks to the pipette's tip in the water. You don't need more than that. Result is an instant natural skin tone. No need to buy expensive skin tone sets or mix a bundle of colors that require accurate mix ratios and lots of experimenting.
Not technically a pipette but this is what most people mean
This is a pipetteuploadfromtaptalk1353072568421.jpgbut the eye dropper is what you need unless you got about $750 dollars laying around lol. I work in a lab so just saw this as a quick time to throw a pic in there


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I use one of these:


Just dip them 2 or 3 millimeters in a bottle with orange paint and mix it in the water in your paint cup (I fill mt Iwata Custom Micron SB cup to approx 2 / 3 with water), stir well and spray over the brown with which you set up your portrait in monochrome. Stay longer in some places, but it will immediately become clear to you as soon as you are using this technique where to apply more and in which areas less.