yep another newbie


proppa droppa

hello everyone i am reasonably new to airbrushing iv been doing it now for about 4 months and so i have a lot to learn and a long way to go i dont have much in the way of artistic skill but i do have a lot of paitiance and persistance so with a bit of help and guidance im sure i can get a little better thanks for reading my post


Sheriff Woody (Admington)
Welcome aboard mate, you have the right attributes to be a good AB'er, enjoy yourself here and ask away, loads of talent and just darn good people.


hey there. welcome and dont be put off by the awesome works on here. we all had to learn. I might just post some of my stuff from a few months back. That'll make you feel right at home. And give everyone else a good laugh.


Queen Clown Slayer
Patience and persistance, you got it nailed! By the way where did you get that, could do with a top up Lol!