Yet Another Post on CustomMicron Love



:pig::pig: OOOooooOoooOOOoooOoooOOOOhhhhhh boy! :pig::pig:

(quick follow up from my previous post)

I received yesterday my second hand Custom Micron CPlus from Spraypal:glee:. It's in mint condition, like new. It only took me a little effort to unscrew all of the parts to verify everything was right. Don't know if they come this tight from the factory, or someone with a strong arm made it's point to the thing, but with some care, a wet cotton rag, pliers and then some more caution, I got all appart, lubed and then back on.

I haven't had plenty of time to play with my new toy, but I have to say I'm stunned. It sprays amazingly, I got insane detail out of it with the kind of reduction I use for coverage. I felt in love with the MAC valve with which I can get closer and closer to the artwork and spray without spidering. I had one of those chinesse ripoffs with MAC Valve on, but honestly I found it useless then, and pretty annoying too. Obviously I hadn't tried the real thing. It feels great in your hands and it's beautiful inside and outside. Every part is polished and made with great care to detail. As an engineer I must say this is a masterpiece. As an amateur airbrush artist, I must say this is the most fun I can get with my clothes on. I'm considering taking it to bed but I'm concerned about what my wife could say. I think I'll let it be for now, and keep my romance in the studio. ...Things are getting really serious here, though, hahahaha.

I must say I still love all my other airbrushes, and I will be using them often because I'm somehow concerned about chipping or bending or making harm to my precious, and they are also fun and enjoyable. But now I know I will always compare them to the Micron and say "well, Micron is best here".

Now to save a little bit of jealousy from my other abs, I'll say that the lever stopper screw is way to loose and it moves around at it's wish, making it worse than the others. I'm not concerned about it, as I really never use it, but then, there's a "con"!. It also won't stop magically the tip-dry issues that I have here (but that will be another post :****sure:)
Kiwi Terry puts a bit O tape on that loose needle stop to stop it from walking out the rear of the airbrush.
That is my major complaint on the Micron, Granted I never use it but I have sprayed with it screwed in place and taped and with out it there at all and without it seems to unbalance the airbrush too much.
Thanks for the tip Herb.

Is there no o-ring that fits the thing, a little bit wider? I think I'm going to try using some plumber teflon tape on the screw, and see how it goes.
I checked out that site. Seems they do not ship to the US. Oh well I guess if I want a good used brush I will have to gamble. Knowing me I will just buy new.
You can put some blue (removable) lock-tite on the thread. Then when it is dry, drop sone lube over the lock-tite to make it movable again.
YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL.. In case you are not aware there is a threaded nylon insert inside the handle on iwata's with needle stops they do not take abuse.. I have found that 1 wrap of the thin teflon tape is all that is needed and seems not to wear the sleeve out even more My new SB is realy firm compared to the cm-c+for some reason Oh and oops... congrats on your new love
Thanks Ko. I did just that, one wrap of thin teflon tape around the thread, and works great!