Your opinion please



Greetings all. I'm going to a different State for some training next month and will be living in a hotel for eight weeks. I'm thinking that this would be a great time to work on my airbrush skills. I'm looking for a light compressor as a temporary solution that will pack away in a suitcase.

Is anyone familiar with this compressor from Harbor Freights?


Is it adequate enough to work on my basic skills?

Edit: link had to be removed because I havn't post enough on this forum to allow them.
You might look into places like Michael's craft and Hobby Lobby ,. they both have 40% off coupons and you would get a better airbrush.
Granted I know you are just starting out but why start with possible headaches. Badger(michael's) and Iwata(hobby lobby ) are both top rated airbrushes.
and you can pick up a nice studio compressor that will fit nicely in your bags.
Thank you. I already own one HF compressor I regret getting. Using a Paasche brush now but I got my heart set on the Krome. I'll check them out.

Thanks again.