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Hi all,
Yet another question, you'll soon get feed up with me.
I have bought some Com-Art paint to learn with. Mainly because it was cheap, tight Scotsman according to the wife. Anyway have since found out it is a reasonable paint to use. I intended to use it to begin with then switch over to Createx illustration.
Is it worth sticking with com art or switch to createx
either are great paints, I use both of them and the Wicked line .
Com-art needs almost no reduction on most airbrushes.
You'll find there are probably as many oppinions about paint as there are people that airbrush :). This is realy something you'll have to figure out for yourself what one thinks is the best paint ever is hated by others.

My advice always is buy some different colors from some different brands and try them out to see what suits you best.
Thanks for the quick replies,
My main problem is that you see what everyone else can achieve, you look at what they use, then you think I need that then I can be like that,
forgetting that you need to know how to use it to begin with and get a good foundation.

I know that's what I was like when I first started with rc helis,wasting money buying this that and the other when it wasn't needed or being able to make use of the benefits of the higher end models.
I've seen some great results with Autoair... Nothing by me yet, but i'm workin on it!
If you can get it at a good price, and it works for you, and is suitable for what type of painting you want to do, then stick with it. If not then maybe consider a change. Unless you have somewhere local that stocks something else, which can be very handy if you happen to run low on anything.
Com-art works well for most people see how it works for you then try some others to compare it to after you learn from the com-art
As already stated its horses for courses, but i use com-art and love them, cant see me changing brands as they work for me. Just dont buy a set o colours case you dont like them just maybe get one of each brand and see how you go
Like haasje said, grab a few different brands and get the feel for them. I've got tons of different paints and my fav is urethane's, but those have to sprayed in a well ventilated space.
,There are just some bad paints LOL If you want to achieve what others do here, avoid createx, find peoples works you like or would like to be able to achieve and then look at their sigs, often they mention the brands they use. Look into a couple of those names you come across and do a little research, eg is it easy for you to get? Then buy one brand...Don't try this that and everything else and there is a good reason why. Every paint has its own learning curve. If you want to extend your learning into years, try various brands. if you want to learn a bit quicker, choose one, stick to it and learn the heck out of it. Study what it does..and how it does it..This will make you much more proficient much faster with that brand, heck even people who use createx can indeed do very well with it once they learn what it has to offer. Jumping and changing paint isn't always a good idea when kicking off into the hobby, buy one that works from the get go and a few options are Etac, Wiked Auto Air, Spectra tex, createx illustration (never tried it but seems many like it). Each of these paints have their advantages and disadvantages, each one has its own learning needs and sometimes that learning need can be a steep road with some brands but once you get to the top of the hill with one brand, try another because the first would have taught you how to adapt. Good luck.