Zeny air compressor with tank amazon.


Double Actioner
I bought one in 2022 . Many have an issue with mounting the regulator /moisture trap. I found the tank thread was 1/8" NPT so I got a tap , got the nipple out since it has this hard red pipe sealer on it and cleaned the threads with the tap. Then I bought a Paasche R-75 and used a 1/8" nipple to a T them mounted a 0-60 pressure gauge top of T then a short 1/8" nipple to a 1/8" to 1/4" NPT to mount the regulator. Some claim there's get hot. I've run mine 5 times to build up 57 psi max tank pressure , bled it down and it's barely warm , I can place my hand on the head and keep it there. 20200223_120905.jpg20200223_120941.jpg
3 liter, basically the same size and setup as the Badger with the metal housing or the Paasche with no housing . They are all made in China . This one has a 1 fifth hp motor the Paasche is the same basic thing.