A hopeful experiment



hello everyone!

im going to be airbrushing my truck, which is currently painted with krylon and quick color. please understand i am not looking for this to last any longer than a year at best. i purchased a one shot duplicolor clear lacquer from pep boys to shoot through my hvlp. my general assumption was that i should not use the regular createx paints i have. if i where to use them if only to have it last maybe a year, would it be ok? use a heat gun? would the createx sit on the spray paint? or should i get wicked color. im going for the cheapest option, again not looking for long lasting extreme quality.

thanks guys.
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Im not so sure about the normal Createx colors since they are more made for fabrics, paper and other indoor stuff. The Wicked colors would be way better for sure since they were made
for custom painting. The Wicked are also light fast and wont fade out in the sunlight. You could also go for the Auto Air paints made by Createx, depends what is cheaper for you.

Good luck with the truck :)
Either one you use Createx or Wicked you will have to have a clear coat on it , Createx is not color fast so the colors can fade but Wicked is so it will last longer.
As far as a affordalbe paint job , Tractor paint @ 5 gallons for 25 to 35 dollars is the most afford and durable for the money,mineral spirits to thin it ,
main thing is your local paint store would have been way cheaper than PepBoys , Why I say this is because most paint shops are the first middle man in the pricing and Pepboys is about 4th.
Good luck on the truck.