air compressor?




does anyone know of a good air compressor I can plug into my car's cigarette lighter outlet? I'm looking to use to airbrush some temporary tattoos when my family and friends go camping (we have a ton of kids come with us). I was looking at those aersol spray tattoos but they were so expensive I figured I'd try to get a mini compressor and spray gun.

any thoughts?

You have a few options really .1 get a 12v inverter which will run a small AB compressor, 2 purchase a diaphragm tyre inflator 12v and change the hose out . 3 get an old pup co2 bottle and get it air filled and will be cheap to refill (this would also eliminate pulsing and noise )
Good suggestions above, be wary of using the cheap 12 v tyre compressors, they tend to pulsate the air a lot as mentioned, saying that for tattoo's it may not be a huge issue and they are getting fancier these days..I've seen one that suggests its fine for airbrushing but saying that it wasn't real cheap and haven't tested such...Another suggestion is to inflate a big truck tube with a cheap tyre compressor and attach a hose to it, will last a fair while :) The kids can then use the tyre for jumping off or floating in water :)..GL
I heard on a local 4X4 radio program that you should not run things for long time via the cigarette lighter. Even the tyre pump compressors should not be used. If you need 12v, run it directly off the battery. this way you bypass all the car's electronics.

On the compressor self I can not help, sorry.