Another newbie Question



Hi guys/gals.

I'm a complete beginner to airbrushing but have had many years experience with screen printing.
I have an abundant supply of screen printing inks (water based as well as some plastisols)

I was wondering if my water based screen inks could be used in conjunction with my new toy (the air brush)?
eg. watered down to a usable constancy and applied with the airbrush?

Any info gratefully received

BTW Im mainly working on textiles Tshirts etc.
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Might do,

Issues I can think of:
Clean up without using chemicals that corrode airbrush parts (like o-rings and Teflon etc).
The ink might stain the brush in the cup and parts (Like the needle, nozzle etc).
Air pressure and paint viscosity is importance, also.

…. Only one way to know for sure and that’s to try it. Would be better if you did so in a cheap $10 airbrush though. Personally I wouldn’t be keen on trying it in my Iwata. In my perfect, beautiful, balanced, hairline capable, reliable, shiny, Iwata. Lol :joyous:
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I remember screen printing ink being very thick? but if you have it, and you can thin it without damaging the ink, I say go for it. I would start with the water based. I am guessing here, but wouldnt the pigments be very fine because of having to go through the screen? have fun and like CA said - experiment on a cheapie cheesy :)
Thanks for the feedback guys.
Yeah I might have a play with the water based ink.. Plastisol is a def.NO.

Ive got some WICKED on the the way but was thinking while I'm on the learning side of things I'd waste the screen printing ink rather than the wicked.

I can take the Water based screen inks down to almost water but not sure how it will affect the opacity etc of the inks on the fabric.
Will let you know how it goes.:friendly_wink:
I agree with all the above.
I would try reducing with a water / methylated spirits mix maybe?
I am currently using FW ink and find that I can use almost the entire range,having to reduce only those colours not being marked as suitable for airbrushing to be useable.
Have a go and see what you can do.
You'll never know till you try it,
Have FUN!:friendly_wink:
Cheers Splasha.

The airbrush setup I've just bought is a cheapo starter kit, just to see what I can do (if anything) with it :friendly_wink:.

So if it stuffs up the gun I haven't lost much anyway, just another week or so waiting for delivery of another.

Will invest in a Iwata setup once i have the basics down and am more confident in what I'm doing.
I agree with ABF. I was using a smaller needle and tip [0.3 , I think} but was having clogging issues real bad.
Changed it all out to 0.5 and most {not all, drat! } went away.