Custom Paint Magazine, a got to have for newbies.



Hi all,

I've been buying the custom paint magazine. it's a must have! The first 2 have a section on a portrait on a tank. The tutorial has just given my art a huge step up.

The process shown has given me so much more control and with this helped me a lot.

I decided to use this in my latest portrait which I posted with the title secret Santa.

I've started this post just to persuade anyone looking for a tutorial on portraits to just get the first mag and read it then give it a try I guarantee you will want the second one!

Im a beginner and thought this was more an intermediate tutorial but after trying it out I have surprised myself.

Here is the pic I painted with the process used. Although not great it is a substantial improvement on my previous work but it has also given me more confidence in trying something harder.

That is great to hear and I will look into seeing if I can get a copy ..
Hi micron it's a PDF download airborne artwerx is the editor so hopefully if he sees this post he can put a link in for anyone interested to purchase.
Hi. I'm new in here.
Very nice work. Which 2 magazine are you referring to ?

Kind regards
Custom paint magazine it's a digital download.

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I can see that.
Are on their website now. But you'r talking about two specific numbers you learn from.
Can you remember which 2 ?
There are 3 out at the moment the first 2 have a complete tutorial.

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The picture posted looks good the light value seem to blend nicely. Ill check out the mag.
Was trying to open on my phone.I just checked and I got Adobe reader installed
Awww, yet another magazine that I'll never be able to read. Now-a-days the website doesn't even work :(