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Hi all I need some advice.I brought a Silverline Filter/Regulator model 427596 Whicj has a working pressure of 154 psi/10 Bar and my compressor goes off at 8 Bar so it was more than adequate from Ebay and it came yesterday morning HAHAHHAHA.....I thought I can finally get started for the second time as my youngest bust my first one when he moved one of my tool boxes.......Don't ask it's along story lol ;)

When it's first came i thought that it looks a tad strange as one end of the box was higher than the other end but thought nothing of it...Well to cut a long story short it connected it up and my compressor filled up I then tried to dial down the PSI and the ruddy thing didn't do a thing. To say I am cheesed off it a massive understatement I have been trying to get up and running slowly but surely over the past 8 months or more but been thinking about it since I first came off work sick last January this has been a real kick in the ruddy teeth I knew I shouldn't of brought anything from ruddy Ebay and again the ickle man in my brain was right....I hate it when he is lol ;)

Can anyone please recommend a Regulator that is reliable and does work when you take it out of the box, as I am just at the point of giving up. I am off sick so what cash we have generally goes on the kids as I found out the actually need feeding.....Who knew .....

I thought i was getting a bargain as a lot of them are going for £20 and higher I only paid £13.50p with postage . I do believe in the age old adage "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR" and now I have to pay to send the ruddy thing back to them and wait till they credit my PP account.....Again should of listened to that ickle voice but being on a tight budget I had another brain fart and got the cheapest one thinking yayyyyyyyyyy that will do nicely..... oooh I did well there .....Well that's why I'm on here and in five mins I'll on the phone to the Samaritans lol....But being serious can anyone throw me a bone on a decent Filter that don't cost the earth.......And actually works when it comes out of the box???

Thank's for reading guys and sorry to be a pain.....Mat ;)
Or am i just that lucky devil who managed to get the only cack one out of a job lot lol :)
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