Greetings from Switzerland :)



Hi to all :)

I am Merlin (don't ask me why my parents called me that way -.-) I'm from Switzerland and am fairly new to airbrushing...although I already have an airbrushing-equipment for almost a year. I joined this forum because I am amazed how airbrushing is coming up again and how much passion the people on this forum put in to their artworks. I wanted to be a part of this and now I'll give my best to contribute my progress to this forum :)
Welcome home Merlin.
Nice to have you here and you have found a great place.
hi merlin firstly what a fantastic name, you have found a great place, with both fun and well informed members....can't wait to see some of your work...feel free to post pictures of your work, ask questions and share your knowledge....
Welcome from the UK Merlin. This is already a "Magic" forum and im sure with a name like yours you can inject even more magic!