Just wanted to say hello, and say that I am new to airbrushing. I have been watching videos on you tube for awhile and then found this site. I have been given a valentines day present this year and it was yes you guessed it, My own Airbrush. I have been in this body and on this planet for almost half a century. I am creative but never drawn. I have painted 2 pictures of crosses of similar designs and was wondering what you all thought as well. I have a Master G22 Airbrush. Crosses are on paper and then back of a clipboard. Thank you.First&secondAirBrush.jpgcross9.jpg:eek-new:
welcome stile glad to have you with us mate..... love the colour combination you are using there and a good attempt for your first few trys
Welcome home stile, Glad to have you in the family and I do like the cross.
Welcome to the forum, the picture is small but I like the colour combination. I look forward to seeing your future work.

Thanks everyone. My next project is a skull I will post as I finish it.