Hello from Colombia (Southamerica)



Hello dear all!

I recently found this forum,

My name is Ruben Andres Martinez. I live in Bogota, Colombia, Southamerica (that's not to be confused with "Columbia" ;) )

I apologize in advance for any language missunderstandings, since English is not my mother tongue (that's Spanish).

I am 36 years old, currently unemployed, and taking care of my parents who are both very delicate in health: my father with a cancer (multiple myeloma), and my mother recently had a stroke (aneurisma). Since I just basically stay at home taking care of them both while they recover, I'm not working right now. But I certainly needed to have some sort of creative activity as to escape the hardships of life.

Only until recently I got a decent airbrush and equipment. So I decided to look for information, practice exercises and tips. And that's how I arrived here. I see this forum is full of activity. It really has a lot of nice artists sharing advices, and the topics discussed are interesting. Is nice to spend some time reading all the topics.

Several years ago I used to have a very cheapo airbrush. I think that was a Chinese copy of a Badger 350 model. Very bad gun. And the compressor didn't help much, since it was a big industrial machine used for automotive stuff without regulator nor water trap. A nightmare.

Still I managed to draw a couple of landscapes and drawings with more or less success, but always with coarse results.

This year I received a money gift on the condition that I spend it in one of my artistic interests, and so I could buy a good airbrush and a compressor.

Here's my recently bought equipment thanks to that gift:

Airbrush is a Paasche Talon with 3 needles and 3 tips. That's the best I could buy with the money I had. I understand that's kind of a workhorse. And since I am using it for several different things, this could be good for me.


I had thought on buying a Badger Chrome or Anthem, but couldn't find in my city a good dealer of Badger airbrushes who could supply warranty and spare parts. Iwatas can be found here, but they were out of my budget. And they certainly are much more precision machines than I need right now. Paasches have good service and spare parts available here.

Still, I'm happy with the Paasche. Feels nice.

Compressor is a Hyundai 2HP and 24 lt (6 gallon) capacity.
Can deliver 4 cfm at 40 psi.
With regulator and humidity filter.

Good home appliance. This should be more than enough for airbrushing. I actually prefer to buy things that exceed my needs, because I know at one point I may need it for other bigger domestic uses, like painting the whole house with a spray gun or such.

By the way, it is a bit noisy.

I ran out of money, so I couldn't afford buying a cleaning station.
So I made one with things I had at home.


That's one of those hospital oxygen thingies.
My father was at hospital recently, and for some reason we ended up with that small jar at home.

I drilled a hole, attached a copper tube.
There is an Iron weight at the bottom to add steadiness.
At the end of the tube you see a couple of cannibalized felt markers to make the holder for the brush, attached with epoxy putty.

Works like a charm :)

And finally here's my working space:

airbrush04.JPG airbrush05.JPG airbrush06.JPG

Shelves for my many tools and materials, my old school drawing board (with last weeks control exercises), and extra table and booth.

You may notice the booth is quite big.
I built it like that because I needed a multi-purpose booth for working in:
- Paper and plastic scale models
- Metal embossing crafts
- Book binding
Which are some of my other hobbies.

I may be using the Paasche airbrush for the plastic models and the metal embossing crafts as well.

Well, that's my introduction.

I'm pleased to be here.

Thanks for reading.

Kind regards,

Ruben Andres Martinez
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Now thats an introduction....Welcome from Ontario, Canada. This is a great site, lots of talent and knowledge. And they all go out of their way to help...
I would never be as far as I am without this place.
I have a Talon just like yours with all the tips and I love it....I just need to keep it clean and learn how to paint...lol
Welcome to the Forum Ruben, that's a very good, comprehensive introduction; it will be interesting to see how you progress with your airbrushing with your new equipment.
Have to agree with twood, hell of an introduction. Welcome to the forum from NH, USA.

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Welcome to the forum from the UK Ruben. That was one hell of an intro! Hope you enjoy your time on here.
Hi, Welcome from the UK.
You'll find lots of good advice here.
Nice setup you have.
bienvenido desde honduras,espero que puedas llamar hogar a este sitio como lo hago yo!!!:triumphant:
Hello and welcome from the US, thanks for the great intro, sometimes it hard to get a "hello" let alone a good feel for what the artist is about and you nailed it lol. Anything you need to know just ask, there is always someone that can help!
Hey there ruben, hi from the uk!!! This is a great place to hang out, and also full of lovely talented people who are only too happy to help.
Welcome to the forum Ruben, The talon is a great brush and you will be amazed at the detail you can get with the medium setup. This place is full of talent and very helpful artists. Don't be scared to ask ANY question. Someone will be able to answer you.