Help with color?



Hello everyone. I can't seem to get the colors right on this Batman. the original colors are just to light. I am trying to make it fit with this scene. any suggestions? 20170526_112031-1024x768.jpg 20170526_112025-1024x768.jpg


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Do yo have a reference you are working too? Post that up as well
This is the image. but I feel these colors might be to light?


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Yer or the saturation of the color is just to light and hasn't really covered the base. Looks like a good start that just needs built on...Personally though I would have used a pure reduced white, painted the whole batman and background all in one hit, in then area's that need to be darker, adjust with a clean up layer of black then shade it with that same reduced black then use trans colors to shift the white black combo into your color needs or add light reflections etc to better suit your scene..Sometimes plonking to separate items together will get an un-natural look going on of more a cut and paste feel The charachter atm just doesn't seem to be a part of the scene..To fix this, simply put some of the colors your using in the background into the batman character after you bring him out some more, it could be super dark and you'll still get away with that if it has common color used and you also cld darken the bg to suit the darker batman better...Cple ways to skin that cat..